Fix the Target Like Aiming Then Do The Job Like Shooting

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It is very important to fix target first like aiming in the shooting.

After fixing target then do the job like shooting after aiming.

You need to first think which job you will do in freelance.

There are hundreds of types of freelance job.

Nobody can do every job.

If you want to do every job then you can not be specialist for any job.

Rather concentrate a type of job like search engine optimization SEO or Social Media Marketing SMM.

Then try for those work only.

Do not bid for other jobs.

If buyers see that you bid for everything they will understand that you are not specialist for any job.

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Social Sites are not sales sites – Socialize in social sites, sales will follow

People go to social sites for socialization.

For example someone try to find out some of his old school friend.

A son may be in overseas. Mother is in the country home. The son uploads his recent photographs so that mother can see them. These are socialization.

But unfortunately we see that all are trying to sell there as like as it is not a social site rather sale sites.

The attempt they are taking making the user angry and block their account.

So if you want to sell first socialize. Once you have friends then they will automatically know what you sell. Due to the friendship they will be obliged to buy your products.

The best thing for socialization is try to help people for their need. If someone ask any information in your blog comment you should give it. Once he takes you as a friend and depend on you he will take your advice to buy products from online.

Socialize should start from helping each other with the right information and assistance to gain confidence that will lead to sell.

social sites are not sales sites

social sites are not sales sites

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On Page Off Page, On Site Off Site or In Site Out Site SEO Strategy Tips by Professional SEO Expert

The SEO Strategy Tips by M Yakub Chowdhury, Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh, for On Page Off Page or On Site Off Site or In Site Out Site.

What is On Page Off Page or On Site Off Site SEO?

The SEO method applied into a web site code is called On Page or on site SEO. Similarly the SEO method applied for a website but the work is out side of the website is called off page or off site SEO.

How to Do On Page Off Page SEO?

To do on page or on site we need to insert code into website code. These codes are called meta tag. Search engine can understand the m,eta tag and treat accordingly. We can put there meta title, meta keyword, meta description, header tag, image and video tag.

To do off site we need to work outside may be linking from another website, submitting website top other website etc.

Pls click here if you want to optimize your website by M Yakub Chowdhury Professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh

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Freelance training in Bangladesh for 2013 by M Yakub Chowdhury – Video Dailymotion

Freelance training in Bangladesh for 2013 by M Yakub Chowdhury – Video Dailymotion.

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Google Adsense Survey in Bangladesh

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Tag in Blog for SEO

The pioneer online trainer in Bangladesh M Yakub Chowdhury offers Freelance Job Training in Bangladesh. Call him (88) 0174 74 00 870



When we search Google tag that we used to write blog also shows as search result. So it is important to write tag in blog for SEO perspective.

The following screenshot shows when I search Google for Bangladesh Freelance Training, one of my free wordpress blog on Bangladesh Freelance Job Training Course is showing where I used Bangladesh Freelance Training as tag in the blog.



tag in blog for seo

Google Search shows tag



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Welcome at Freelance Trainer M Yakub Chowdhury

M Yakub Chowdhury offers freelance job training for Search Engine Optimization and Website Designing. You can work for American employer being in Bangladesh and earn dollar, get international master card from USA to withdraw from ATM Booth in Bangladesh For more please visit BdLance.Com

Valuable Freelance Tips by M Yakub Chowdhury,Yet FREE:

During sign up you can use a software called that will make your sign up easier.

To identify whether a website is do follow or no follow you will need nodofollow firefox plugin.

To see page rank of a website you will need google toolbar plugin for firefox.


Google toolbar for firefox download

No Do Follow firefox plugin download

Anchor text html code:

Anchor text BB code:

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Training Program:
freelance trainer m yakub chowdhury avatar
Trainer: M Yakub Chowdhury
7-8 Nawabpur Road, Anwar Tower, 1st Floor, Room 205, Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh.
Tel: (88)01747400870, 01197219571

Asstt. Freelance Programmer/ Asstt. Webmaster / Asstt. Search Engine Optimizer Training Course:

Training Time:

1 Month, 3 days a week, 2 hours a day, Total 24 Hours

Training Venue:

7-8 Nawabpur Road, 1st floor, Room 205,Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh.

Training Fee:

Tk.5,000 0r $75

Course Content:

Search Engine Optimization

Assistant Web Mastering Jobs

Freelance Programmer/ Web Master / Search Engine Optimizer Training Course:

Training Time:

3 Month, 3 days a week, 2 hours a day, Total 72 Hours

Training Venue:

7-8 Nawabpur Road, 1st floor, Room 205,Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh.

Training Fee:

Tk.10,000 0r $150

Course Content:

Freelance Programmer

Search Engine Optimizer

Web Master